Amanda Klein


AMANDA KLEIN         SAG-E          



Curiosity                                                           Carly (Lead) /Co writer      48HrFilmFestival/Tom Colley

In America                                                       Lead                                       Nightpantz/Tom Colley

Razor Pictures Pilot                                        Lead/Aerial Stunts               Melissa Tracy/Razor Pictures

7 Parties Pilot                                                   Hipster Heartbreaker         Matthew F. Smith/Art For Humanity

Promotion                                                          Nisroc/Lead                         Dylan Dugas

The Divorce Party                                           Tanya                                     Edy Soto/Dances With Film Festival

Black Echo                                                         Lead                                      Basil Mironer/Singapore Tisch

Malpractice                                                        Lead                                      Tom O’Neill

Heartburn                                                           Lead                                     T.J. Volgare/ USC Grad. Short

Heathers                                                              Lead                                     Aaron Madijastic/USC Short


Coroner: I Speak To The Dead                          Supporting                                I.D.

Magic Funhouse!                                                 Guest Star                                 Fullscreen 

The Art of War                                                     Stunts/Concubine                    The History Channel    

Showdown of The Unbeatables                        Mime/Stunts                              The National Geographic Channel

Circus House (pilot)                                          Lead                                             Renee Massie Casting (America's Got Talent)

Craigslist Capers (pilot)                                  Lead                                             Matt Lasech (Vee Entertainment and Warner Brothers (W.B.))

Guinness World Records Unleashed            Featured                                      TruTv


available upon request including (Disney)

Performance art
Ethereality Artbook (graphic novel)            Asian Anime Character/model/stunts      Andrew Amani (stunt choreographer) and Anthony Chiappetta

Live Performances

Circus Variety show: Road-To-Palooza        Clown/Love Interest/Dancer                      Stefan Haves (Cirq Du Soliel) - Pasadena Playhouse                

New Fangled Oprey                                            Dancer/clown                                                 IDC Improv Dance Company 

Pasadena Art Gallery                                         Mime                                                                Phillip Briggs 

Atomic Holiday Liftoff             1960's King Family Singer/comedic puker/Dancer      Stefan Haves 

Insomniac                      Plastic Surgery Disaster/Performance Art/Dancer                     Escape From Wonderland 

Betty Boop                                                            Betty Boop                                                      Universal Studios Singapore                        

Grinchmas                                                             Gussy/Dancer                                                Universal Studios Hollywood                       

Bill and Ted’s Excellent                                         Lindsay Lohan/                                        Universal Studios                      

    Halloween Adventure                                         Avril Lavigne

                                                                           Juno/ Miley Cyrus                                              Universal Studios            

                        "Alice"-Resident Evil/"Hit-girl"-Kickass/Miley Cyrus                               Universal Studios            




The Ash Girl                                                      Pridefly                                   Paul Backer/USC

Uncommon Women & Others                          Rita                                         Heidi Helen Davis/USC  

Doorways                                                            Carrie                                      Daniel Frey/ USC

Adventures of Shlomo Bernstein                     Sheryl                                      Scott Burman/USC                             

Things to Do When You’re Broken                writer/sketch actor                  Chris Berube/ Berubians

Rodger & Hammerstein’s:                              Stepmother                              Nancy Matossian/ CVCS Musical





UCB Sketch Writing                     UCB- Upright Citizen's Brigade                 Lee Rubenstein

Acting/Scene Study                        Beverly Hills Playhouse                   Chick Vennera- Milton Kastelas


Theater B.A. Acting                        USC’s School of Theater                        L. Zane, Joe Hacker, Jack Rowe 

Improv and Sketch Comedy              The Groundlings                          Kevin Kirkpatrick


Clowning/Slapstick                         Slapcon                                           Stefan Haves/Benedikt Negro/Kate Conklin

Mime/Clown                                 Russian Pantomime                              Ekaterina Pirogovskaya (Cirq du Soliel)


Stage Combat/ Swordfight               Swordfights Inc.                              Brian Danner

 Muay Thai Boxing                     Singapore, Singapore                        Atil 

Aerial Acrobatic Art/Dance                 JJgym                                             Kerry Wee/Ben Mendoza

Clown                                       Idiot Workshop                                   Jon Gilkey/ (Cirque Du Soliel)




Stunt: comedic falls, rolls, stage-combat, training in aerial silks.

Improvisation, sketch comedy, 

athletic: Running, stunts, swordfighting, stagefighting, hand-to-hand fight skills (with and without weapons), martial arts: Muay Thai, boxing, yoga       


dance: hip hop/ ballet/freestyle

stage/film make-up artistry

Firearms: Rifle and handgun

Part of Comedy and Film-makers Group: Nightpantz    Find our videos online!!!  #nightpantz






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