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CHeck out "OISHI: DeMON HUNTER" JunE 20th 2018  on Verizon90 

-New show on VerizonG090! I play Sheila the Bitch! A mix on animation and liveaction!

JULY 2017: Comedic Commercial!

MEDHEAT and AIR CONDITIONING WIfe that goes from ugly Christmas Sweater to Granny Panties! 

Coroner: I Speak for the Dead Episode airs JULY 16th!

MAY 2017: Crime Show Role!

Shooting for "Coroner: I Speak to the Dead" should air on I.D. airing July 16th!

April 2017: Spanish Commercial! and #TBT Singaporian Press for 3d film

Just shot a Spanish commercial! #ethnicallyambiguous I'll take it! Gracias!  ...and after I died my hair bright red so I now am very familiar with the magic of temporary brown hairspray in a can! ...and the makeup artist hates me LOL

Also found an article of when I did a film in Singapore with Basil Mironer for 3D filming.  Supposed to represent the trauma of the Vietnam tunnels. This is also where my hair caught on fire! what?!  The tears and snot are #real ya'll! haha.


Momentum Talent Agency for Commercial! 
...meetings with Theatrical!!
..and fitness print!
....and making sure to get my chocolate fix for Valentine's Day!

Dec 2016: Disney Commercial and tvshow on Fullscreen! has an episode of "Magic Funhouse" and I am a funny pregnant lady in the second episode! Disney is also running a commerical for Little Bits Frozen!

JuLY 2016: Fitness and Cosmetic commercial and new Reel footage!

Shot spot doing yoga and talking about skincare device for anti-aging product!
Shot, acting in, and produced drama and sitcom footage! Thank you Amy Lyndon!

Sept 2105: 2 Shorts from Nightpantz! 1 comedy 1 drama! 2 VIdeos!  Nightpantz Paradiso!

"In America" Russian maid sketch from my comedy group Nightpantz makes its online debt! 9/1/15!  
Funny or die page for  Nightpantz!

"Lew" dramatic short filming with Nightpantz crew!

48Hr Film Festival screening! We killed it! Imagine what we could do with 49 hrs!

Nightpantz Paradiso! Screening of 17 comedic master pieces in 10 months on Funnyordie,Huffington Post, LAlist, Los Angeles Times and ABC7 news...this is just the beginning ya''ll.   8pm at El Cid!

August: 48HrFilm Festival and sketches

 Lead Actress and Co Writer for "Curiousity"  got Team Nightpantz!
Also putting my ideas up to be filmed with my comedy and filmmaking group Nightpantz!

July 2015  nightpantz comedy, UCB, surviving the heat:

NightPantz comedy as seen on Funny or Die. Team of funny peeps writing and filming our own work! Creating sketches with Courtney Enea and basically trying to survive the summer heat.  Birkrham hiking? ..not a fan.  :)

May 2015 UCB Sketch Writing:

Yes! I can sit infront of a computer and write...and bounce ideas in a writer's room! Exercising them skillz to write on the fly. Parodys, scenes, commercial spoofs, sitcom characters, topical events, oh yeah...its getting fun y'all!  The cast of "Empire" just gave Dr. Phil a run for his money in a parody!  
Plus, caught myself on comedic cirque director's website getting water in the face as his cover comedic performer...ha!

April 2015: UCB Sketch Comedy and Toby Keith Video:

Finally writing and playing at UCB!! Its about to get fun ya''ll! Sketch chaos shall ensue! And in light of summer, let's do a little video with Toby Keith, Country Music Star! Keeping the comedy and physical skills sharp ya'll!

Feb 2015: Workshops with Nickelodeon and Jimmy kimmel Casting/ Harry Potter Comedy Beatbox Choir Comedy promo

Still can play high energy teens and got my Harry Potter letter... better late than never! Funny keeps me young! Killin' it with comedy in 2015!

Oct 2014: Universal Zombie

Playing a walking dead zombie for Universal Studios for a month!

Sept 2014: Buzzfeed video

What If Men Were Honest When Hitting on women.  funny bit in this up and coming show!


Look for a Buffallo Wildwings Infomercial spoof commercial with yours truly as the fitness infomercial host character!

July 2014: Cris Cado 60's girl gang video

Cris Cado a soul music artist and Wutang affiliate decided to shoot a 60's Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill style video with her clan of dancers....I'm in the desert on a motorcyle with a pouff behive and catliner for days...kinda fun ;)

JUNE 2014:"The Divorce Party" in 4th Film Festival and Comedy Variety show at the Steve allen theater

"Dances With Films" at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood!! Congrats to director: Edy Soto from Paramount!
Great experience to act in a great Independent Film as "Tanya" the crazed yoga girlfriend..haha.

"Cobra Juice" with Kyle Shire hosting and great comedic variety acts. Danced as performance art and country bordello clowns with Improv Dance Company at The Steve Allen Theater.

Febuary 2014: Ethereality Graphic Novel Shoot Finished, SlapStick Act, Harlequin Mime Masquerade

Ethereality shoot was so awesome! Airbrush, Asian cartoon hair, and a trampoline/greenscreen were used to get some rad superhero shots for a grapic novel...I may have had daggers of death in my hands while jumping in a dress...that was the real death defying stunt...haha.

Plans to build my prop and costume this month!! (Think vintage "Day at the Beach" filled with classy chaos, adorable slapstick, and magic.)  It's seriously happening and I'm blowing my own mind ;)

Annnnnd I might be a Harlequin Mime in a Masquerade....but my lips are sealed...seriously.

Annnnnnnnnd pilot season is here...just sayin'. :)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd it's valentine's day this know what that means. Chocolate is in season.  I'm having it for breakfast...amen.


Artbook is still happening! Looks like an anime/comedic/possibly asian character?! Yes!  Gonna be awesome! Stay tuned!
OMG meeting with peeps to help build a prop for my act! sooo excited..sooo not telling yet ;) It's going to be magical!
Auditioning and working on stunt reel/commercial and acting in all kinds of stuff :)

December: Etheriality Art Book, Slapstick Act, and Faceplant art photos 

Etheriality Art book: Stunt/dance/fantasy Directed by Andrew Amani photos and character stay tuned to findout what character!
Developing a comedic slapstick act with a prop
Faceplant weekend at Bernie's style.  What is happening in each photo..could become a book :)

NovembeR: Mime gig. Studying/CLowning with Cirq Du Soliel's Jon Gilkey:  

Been miming/clowning and animating events in addition to taking "Idiot" class with Jon Gilkey.  I thought I was a born I'm just perfecting it ;)  now for act ideas!!! Lemme know if you have any!  (example: what is an object that can get me into trouble or frustrate me that everyone can relate to???? pop-up can't put em back in their box once they open)

October: Bedtime Stories "SExyfunkittywhat " comedy Youtube channel, Paintball gun stunt test bunny on me as a mime, and denver vaudville show!!

-Paintball gun test bunny---on me as a mime.....yUp, you read that right. Oh yeah, by a Oh the television stunts I get to do are awesome ;)

-My comedy Youtube Channel "Sexy Fun Kitty What" just created some great characters in "Bedtimestories Blonde Boy"   ..."strangely addicting   subscribe to the channel for more!

-Flying to Denver for vaudville show Squirm Burpee! This looks like a fun one! Dance, slapstick, love/romance, ridiculous movement as a quirky character annnnd I might sing a lil tune! ;) YUP!     (Never been to Colorado...or any of the states in that part of the this should be an adventure!

September 2013: I Booked a Commercial! SlapCOn and FIlming Channel Shorts!

-I just booked a TimeWarner /Morningside Commercial!

--Wait! Time Warner Just booked me again! Late-night grocery-store shenanigans!

-Slapcon is finally here. (article about us in the LATimes!)

-My good friend and I are filming our own channels on with lots of funny shorts!  Ridiculous and friggin funny is the theme ;)  SexyFunKittyWhat   SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!!  
and our hosting channel: LA Minute   check us out!
"Deep Relaxation Stress Relief"---slapstick with a pool :)
and stay tunned for --Hot Polar Bear dancing Gangnam style!!!

August 2013: Ingenue Stunt/Clown, Improv Comedy, Building reel,  Mime

-Just finished first Circus Variety show at the Pasadenea Playhouse with Cirq Du Soliel"s Stefan Haves "Road to Palooza" as the Ingenue stunt clown. A little romance, water to the face and dancing :) So much fun! Love the vulnerable moment. See! Clowns make you laugh annnd feel love ;)

-Taking a little Mime class to add to interesting movement and dance with Russian Mime and star of Cirq Du Soliel's "Iris"...if nothing else, my free-style dance will get more interesting ;)

-"Idiot" comedy workshop with Cirq Du Soliel clown, John Gilkey! Absurd and funny, vulnerable. More human and geared toward actors than expected. :)

-Reel Building time!!

July 2013: 2 telvision sizzle reels, Slapcon promo, and Stefan Haves Summer Cirq Palooza

-Shot 2 sizzle reels this month!!! ....Buut the premises cannot be told due to network pitches...which makes me wanna talk about it even more!!! ahhhh
Lets just say... shenanigans.  Fingers crossed they get picked up!!

-Slapcon 2013 is on it's way. So honored to be a part of the original group.  Even Bigger this year. Check out the promo video above!
  Clowns, comedians, actors, stunt peformers, workshoping together in the best form of physiclal comedy: slapstick.

-What is a...No idea! LOL.. Part of exquisite chaotic mind the one and only Stefan Haves of Cirq Du Soliel lives in :)  A Summer extravaganza opening August at the Pasadena Playhouse.  (Cirq performers, cabaret, slapstick chaos, comedy, close-up magic, party lounges, water slides... its all happening this summer...oh yeah, and I'm in there somewhere ;)

MAY 2013: "7 Parties" Film for Arts for Humanity

-May 1-June 12th fundrasing for a great project! All proceed go to making the film and also to Arts For Humanity. "7 Parties" A film about two heartbroken friends take a vow  agianst sex, love, kissing, and hugging longer than 3 seconds, but end up finding the love of their lives.  Film will lens this summer culminating in a shoot at the "Lightning In A Bottle Festival"   
I'm the hipster love interest and heartbreaker! 
Trailer seen here:   (and above)

April 2013: Aerial and action Actor

 -Whose idea was it to start training in aerial silks?? My acrobatic friends inspire me.

Yep, now I can escape a window with footlock and flair. Secretly hoping my house will catch on fire and I have to escape out my window with a bedsheet...Whoops, splits in the air..useful? no. awesome? yep! 

-Filming a short with Melissa Tracy, Jeri Kalvan, and Pei Pei Peppa Yuan.  A lil, comedy, silk/stunt, dance, drama.  Pushing the comfort zones and writing a little...whhhhat? 

-Interrogation Angel. Just wrapped another short!! What happens when Josh bumps himself up the corporate ladder at the expense of the lives of others? A visit from a duo of Angel "Agents", are sent to set him straight (of course I'm the mischeivious one)...Annnnd if I was stuck in the corporate ladder at a would have to be as an angel of death ;)

Feb 2013:Live-streaming show: "New Fangled Oprey" and WearMeOut fitness

-New Variety Show "New Fangled Oprey"  with dance, comedy, improv, and and more! Tune-in live monthly at   and so much fun with my girls at Improv Dance Company!
-Great fitness shoot with Wearmeout clothing!  

Jan 2013: Physical Comedy Slapstick

 -What happens when your drunk bride can no longer stand up cause you accidently smacked her in the face? Find out in a one-time comedic stunt performance in Woodland Hills with comedic stylings of Mitchel Evans! Details soon to follow :)

-To keep the comedic physical comedy up, a little mime work in Palm Springs with the Jumbo Shrimp Circus

Dec. 2012: Circus Variety Show "Atomic Holiday Liftoff" with Cirq's Stefan Haves at Fais Do do! 
             -Where do I fit in? You might Singing, dancing and comedically puking..yea that's a 1960's King Family teen misfit. 

The show also contains swordswallowing, pancake juggling, Cirq Du Soliel performers (clowns, aerialists, trapeze artists, from Ka and O) and booty shaking. It's the Mayans vs. the 1960's t.v. singing dysfunctional family!

                        Oct. 2012: A film and a comedic short! (drama and comedy)
             -"Divorce Party". You get a little taste of the love and then psychotic freakout      as the Yoga-girl girlfriend.
             -"Sex Intervention". What happens when Nate is confronted by an intervention of all the women that he has had any sort of relationship with? Hilarity. The one-liners are wrong, but oh so funny :)

               -Headshots and Fitness clothing

  Soooo finally some new headshots. So silly, but it's not my favorite thing to do; would rather be doing ;) But had a blast! Not to mention I was also offered to model for a fitness clothing line,  a couple days later  ....ok!! now you can "zero-in"  on my bum in stretchy-pants! (Which actually make your bum look pretty tight...haha, I had to examine, thanks "wear me out"! 

Sept. 2012: Amanda jUSt attended a new Workshop:      Slapcon!

A little comedy, slapstick, Cirque Du Soliel clowns, and stunts. Some special guests included Stefan Haves, Kate Conklin, Jimmy Sloninas, Scot Nery, and Jerry Prell, just to name a few. Put a bunch of us in circus gym and what do you get? Utter chaos of awesome! 
                  -Burnningman 2012! Yep, it has been 4 years for me to return. Inspiring as always! Attended a Burner fashion show! Made a few of my own costumes: Chaplin-esque clown, sheer-dress with headdress, and what looked like an 80's Malibu Barbie complete with hot-pink legwarmers, leggings, and tutu...with dust :)

July 2012: (In the process)  Amanda will be featured as Charlie Chaplin in a Music video!! (Wait..., what?)  Female version of the silent "little Tramp"  Can't wait!! 

June 2012: Amanda just had a blast at her first Cirq Du Soliel Audition! ....yeah, what?! 

Amanda just returned to the United States after working in Singapore as Betty Boop! 

 She will be appearing in Universal Studios Hollywood halloween horror nights: "Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween adventure" as miley cyrus, "hit-girl" from kickass, and "alice" from Resident Evil.

  She also worked on the first 3D trailer shot at Singapore's NYU Tisch school  protraying the paranoia and claustrophobia in the Vietnam tunnels. (Trailer may be veiwed at :!/video/video.php?v=374260039155&ref=mf

Before leaving the U.S. she was able to show her swordsmanship and martial arts for The History Channel's The Art of War. (Watch for it now on THE HISTORY CHANNEL)!

Her horror film "MALPRACTICE" may now be purchased on amazon!


What is next for the girl who told the big bad wolf to bugger off?!

New adventure, new challenge!



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